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About Us

As International Associated Principals we provides clients with independent C-Level management advisory and customized support services and was founded upon the cohesion of professionals from working relationships cultivated from over 30 years activities consequently linking those professionals and affiliates from Europe, Americas, Africa, and Asia for each specific requirement. Professionals in the field of government, investment banking, finance, crypto-currencies/digital wallets, and asset management, maritime transportation and logistics, procurement, infrastructure construction, and defense.

Business Management Advisory Core Sectors:
Aviation & Aerospace, Agriculture, Commodity & Procurement Trade, Energy, Engineering & Construction, industrial Plants, Maritime Transportation & Advisory, Mining & Industrial Minerals, and Defense.  Multi-Media projects are on the horizon for our development and potential investment participation.

We have professional partners globally with diverse backgrounds and exceptional credentials having specific industry knowledge and transactional experiences in the following industry sectors: (i) Aviation & Aerospace; (ii) Telecommunications & Satellite; (iii) Engineering & Construction; (iv) Mining & Industrial Minerals; (v) Manufacturing & Processing, (vi) Oil & Gas; (vii) Maritime Transportation & Advisory (viii) Logistics; (ix) Petroleum Marketing Allocations, Procurement & Trade; (x) Agriculture Production, Processing & Marketing Allocations; (xi) Defense Program Evaluations & Modernization; (xii) Cyber-Security Civil & Defense; (xiii) Multi-Media platforms, content, and development (xiv) Collateralization Exchange Tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens, ITO with Secure Exchange. An ITO describes Initial Token Offering. It is also referred to as Initial Coin Offering (ICO) so you can digitize or tokenize your asset and make it publicly available through the internet.  This means you can start a business, company or project with any asset value. Via ITO, you generate digital coins or tokens which represent your asset. Consecutively, you can electronically transfer these coins or tokens.  Just like with crowdfunding, you can exchange or transfer your coins or tokens. The same way that stocks appear in a stock market, you can list them in an online exchange platform. This process is similar to an IPO, although it’s without limitations or hefty charges that usually apply to equity-based projects or assets.  The token is a representation of the physical asset or a part of the underlying project. As an issuer, you have the flexibility to configure it as an item with a face value although it can act as an asset on its own. That means it has its own privileges, like dividends, voting rights, and capital appreciation.

In addition, advising, assisting and supporting clients in their local, national, and international commercial development activities and strategies. Our hidden strength is the portfolio of national and international contacts and professionals rendering added value to our approach to business and client support.

Moreover, as officially mandated we can arrange, co-ordinate, and or directly participate in private ventures with individual or corporate clients. Assisting the client in the selection of the experienced entity in General Contracting, Construction, Engineering, Finance, Investment Banker/Advisor for the structuring of the project’s financial requirements. Whether it be export finance, project finance, mezzanine financing, or increasing capitalization which could be an integral part of any venture. The appointment becoming a Liaison is many times indispensable when organizing and arranging politically or economically sensitive projects thus advantaging our working experience within Governmental processes including supporting those entities with those local, state or national governmental entities. Our team has experience supporting when necessary economically distressed entities management in meetings giving added insight and possible alternatives in those special situations with institutional debt holders in negotiations.

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