Our Profile

Our Profile

Ethics – Interity – Respect – Values


TBT ENERGY & MARINE LTD.’s Code of Ethics is the foundation of our culture. Is an expression of fundamental values, and represents a framework for decision-making.

The Code of Ethics does not merely require compliance with laws. It embodies a commitment to positive behaviors that build trust, promote respect, and demonstrate integrity. We honor our commitments, communicate openly, and hold ourselves accountable. Operating within the framework of the Code, TBTEML creates and sustains value for its stakeholders.

Our business activities operate in increasingly diverse markets so a common set of values offers clear benefits and will help support the challenges of future growth.


We are better together as “The Team”:

Listening to each other and share knowledge willingly
With spirit of a team combine our expertises
We work at creating excellent relationships
And we act as part of a bigger picture


Do what is deemed correct and ethical:

We are fair and open with everybody even when others prefer otherwise
Keep our promises and expect others to do the same
Support everyone for trying to accomplish mutual goals


Caring about how our actions affect others and the wider environment
Treat everyone equally and embrace differences
Encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential
Appreciate the skills and abilities of others
Always remember the humanitarian aspect of any venture

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