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Executive Director Message

To our Share-owners:

We are unfortunately having to continue taking defensive actions from the effects of Covid19 for expanding majority of projects due to supply and cash-flow recalculations. We expect FY21 to also have very unpredictable profitability in industrial sectors within our global partner network.  Our global partner network continues to be focused on client’s expanded demands in highly stressed economic environments with continued monetary interventions debt issuance by most Central Banks.  European, Central and South America, except for a few Asian economies, are not experiencing moderate economically.  Our advancements in the areas of business management consulting, direct investment, project advisory services in energy, maritime shipping and brokerage, have been drastically reduced.  However, increases in varied civil and this past year entering into medical production allocations and procurement; mergers & acquisitions have counterbalanced these stresses.
Moreover, from FY16 until FY19 we experienced an increase in activity from our team’s network of producers and end users for placement of their production or prime materials procurement. However, due to Covid19 consumption have decreased 50% and in some cases suspensions in 2020 of those activities having to be readjusted.

Diversity is our strength and some projects will remain in our FY21/22 pipeline include: Agricultural production and processing; Municipal Waste management with Recycling, Biogas, Biomass facilities; Utility On-Off Grid Solar; Processing Plants Gas To Liquids (GTL), Petroleum To Liquids (PTL) Plants, Petcoke, Bitumen, Urea, Ammonia Nitrate; Mine Projects, Mobile Field Hospitals and ICU’s, Medical and Surgical PPE Procurement. Marketing Allocation Agencies are still open from producers of caustic soda, coal, iron, copper, rare earths, potash, phosphates, salts, and national security programs.  Furthermore, we still consider potential Hydrogen and Petroleum Processing Plants; Small Medium Enterprise Mining reorganization; Cyber Security projects for national banking and state security institutions. And our distressed assets trade exchange services have increased 40%.

The outlook from USA and some Asian country’s economic policy makers will continue to be expansive debt and taxation increases especially from Covid19 impacts.  Unfortunately Europe and other targeted countries are still suffering from USA tariffs with highly growing deficits and debts.  We are in an environment of commodity volatility and a high risk speculative vision is required in estimating continued revenue growth across our most core services.  Especially a USA Administration has continued to be unpredictable in enhancing accessibility to some of our past trading in Mediterranean, Caribbean, Asian, and North African partners all rethinking possible new Currency scenarios for asset protection and treasury/wealth management within our partners qualifications. We will continue in FY21 our gradual expansion into new markets adding local professionals whose capacity to advance and assist our support and services such as Gold Bullion and Physical Asset Protection with Jurisdiction Relocation to non-European zones.  We have interests from VHNW experienced Accredited Professional investor Entities including Asset Managers with EMM External Money Managers activities in high risk markets including commodity trade, futures including indices and sovereignty bond trade.

Our indicators suggest that a low or negative growth global economy will persist even though some countries have benefited from lower energy costs, and monetary expansive policy decisions while awaiting vaccinations effects. However the major G30 countries are refocusing on internal debts and banking crisis from reduced global trade and hence project development and our profits may be adjusted for FY21. Collectively, these sectors are expected to have decreasing margins from stressed treasury management and cash flows.  In this regard, we have re-evaluated a portion of these benefits that started in FY15 may proceed at parity into end FY21.  Moreover, the majority of the benefits, including our EMM development program will not be realized until FY21/22.

Our way forward is clear as Mont-Blanc Capital & Strategic Holdings Limited is becoming more competitive by expanding knowledge with  support and solutions for ourselves and our clients’.  And most importantly, our expanding international team of partners are dedicated to implementing those plans with the can-do attitude you’d expect from experiences. “I will continue to make every effort making Mont-Blanc Capital & Strategic Holdings an experience outstanding” for everyone connected.  Our international program is focused on expanding our Central & South Asian, African, and Latin American activities to enhance our portfolio through new offerings/projects and grow the capabilities of Trade Networks.

Maintaining our presence and matching our network cost-to-serve with supporting our partner’s timely shipping and chartering are top priorities as customers continue to consider more often reliability and security of transport than just price and trade speed in a low-growth global economy.  Accordingly, we are optimizing our network to assist our Partner to make better use of their group’s capacity within the international network for Procurements.

Recent activities in some Latin America, African, European, CIS, and South Asian countries will help drive international domestic revenues in FY21, and we expected a small profit or small retraction from these ventures but are expected to decrease as wont be reactivated until into FY21/22. We also have attained partners in several emerging markets having the capacities and facilities to better serve our business model while improving the density of our International network, advisory, and procurement or supply services.

Advisory and consulting as well as value added services will further align unique capabilities with specific client needs. Our focus is on Client’s Discrete Needs are at the heart of our strategy to support their goals and create the needed synergies for success of their companies or governments.

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